SSHAuth - SSH Authentication plugin for pGINA

pGINA is a substitube for GINA (in Windows) that can dynamically load plugins which can be created to use any method of authentication. SSHAuth is a plugin for pGINA that lets you to authenticate your Windows users against one or more SSH servers.

SSHAuth works with pGINA version 1.8.4 or higher. To use SSHAuth, you'll have to configure the plugin by entering the SSH server host (name or address) and the port number.
Features in SSHAuth version 1.2
New configuration interface: a new easy to use interface has been created in version 1.2 to cope with the new features that were implemented.
Multiple hosts support: now you can authenticate your clients to one or more ssh hosts. There is a hosts list that keeps track of each host in the following format: host:port. You can add new entries to the list, modify existing entries, and change the order of entries in it.
Authentication: by adding entries to the hosts list, you have two options:
1) Authenticate to all hosts in the list: this option will force to plugin to authenticate to every single entry in the host list. If the authentication for at most one of them fails then the plugin will deny login.
2) Authenticate to at least one host in the list: this option will cause the plugin to authenticate to at least one host in the hosts list. If authenticate successfully to one entry in the list then you will be allowed to login. This option is useful when you want to provide your users with a robust authentication mechanism most of the time. For example, if you have 5 servers in the hosts list and and 4 of them fail for some reason then the plugin will still allow your users to authenticate to that one server that is still up and running.
Known issues
SSHAuth can only authenticate users against SSH servers running on Linux systems. If you try to authenticate to an SSH servers running on Solaris or BSD then the plugin might crash. This is due to a bug in the libssh2 library used by the plugin when the plugin calls the function: libssh2_session_startup.
Source Code
SSHAuth is released under the GPL. To rebuild or modify SSHAuth, make sure that the OpenSSL and LibSSH2 libraries are in the project path.
SSHAuth version 1.2 can be downloaded from SourceForge at:
The author of SSHAuth can be reached at: